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Songs We Love: Pegi Young, 'Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?' (NPR)

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When Pegi Young's marriage broke up at the end of 2014, she had no plans to make a new album. In fact, she'd just finished one, Lonely In A Crowded Room — which interested parties were eager, of course, to parse for clues of discord in her nearly 40-year partnership with Neil Young. In hindsight, perhaps they were there to be mined in the music, she said during a recent phone call. But her husband's departure, in real life, had felt abrupt and unexpected, and it sent her straight back to work.

"I just wrote," she says. "I just wrote and wrote and wrote. That's all I could do. I just wrote lyrics upon lyrics upon lyrics. I couldn't do anything else. I couldn't play. I couldn't play piano. I couldn't play guitar. I couldn't do anything, but I could write." Read the rest on NPR


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