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Pegi Young Premieres 'Too Little Too Late' Video, Talks Learning 'To Live In New World Order' After Divorce (Billboard)

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Pegi Young is well aware that her new album, Raw, will be combed for references, both direct and subtle, to the end of her 36-year marriage to Neil Young. But she's adamant that the 12-song set, which comes out Friday (Feb. 17), is not just 43 minutes of railing against her ex.

"I think people can read into this record and think one side should get all the blame, and that's not my intention at all," Young -- whose video for her original song "Too Little Too Late" premieres exclusively below -- tells Billboard. "I'm not blameless, and there were some issues that were going through the marriage. There's always two sides. What I really don't want is for people to read into this record as some sort of indictment of the woman been done wrong. It's not that clear-cut. It never is." Read the rest at Billboard

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